Reuse, Recycle, everywhere!
**Guaranteed for 1 year**

TLG is anaerobic (works with lack of oxygen) so remember, if you can't deprive it of air you must use The Last Fill or you will not be happy! We want happy gluers! As long as you keep your glue in the refrigerator and don't poke anything in the cap you will have your glue for years! One drop does the job, super strong and long lasting. **Remember! BEST KEPT IN THE REFRIGERATOR**

We have been in business for 18 years and stand by every drop of our glue. We love to hear from our gluers so keep in touch and let us know all the crazy and amazing thing you've done with TLG. Happy Gluing!!

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Value Pack The Last Glue 10ml The Last Glue 20ml
Value PackThe Last Glue 10mlThe Last Glue 20ml

Best Value! 10ml Glue Free, 20ml Glue, Last Fill AND Last Clean

The Last Glue replaces every glue you've ever owned! Use on virtually everything!

Double the amount of Glue for only $9.95 more! Guaranteed for 1 year!





The Last Glue 50ml The Last Clean The Last Fill
The Last Glue 50mlThe Last CleanThe Last Fill

A 50ml of Glue for those larger projects or small commercial accounts! 

Preparatory and de-bonding agent. 

The Last Fill was created for the items that can't be deprived of air. Needed 20-30% of the time.